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As a student doing a degree/thesis project within the KMR-group we would like you to use two tools to manage your thesis-work, a wiki-page and a blog. This is not a requirement, but we believe that it will help both you in your work and us in the process. How we would like you to use them is described below. Since we supervise or assist to supervise thesis-projects from different schools and institutes the requirements from our side might be similar to what is already expected from your school or institute, so they can hopefully be combined.

Usage of the thesis Wiki-page

A wiki is a tool to easily update and maintain webpages. Different system exist that uses different syntaxes, but they are all in general quite easy to learn. In case you do not know what a wiki-page is, read more here: (länk)

We would like you to have a wiki-page that contains the following:

Usage of the thesis-blog

We believe one good way to keep track of the work being done is to write a blog. This way you as a thesis worker get to describe your progress and it will be a central place for both to keep track of the progress and also further understand problems that have occured. We would like you to write a blog-entry one time every week and then try to summarize:

Conzilla-blog (?)

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