SHAME - Standardized Hyper Adaptible Metadata Editor

SHAME Download

SHAME downloads are available from the sourceforge download page. You are probably interested in the first download alternative - the SHAME Appplication Suite, but read on below for a description of the different download alternatives.

Download alternative 1 - SHAME application suite

This is a zip file including:

  1. The SHAME library
  2. All dependencies
  3. Source code
  4. Scripts to launch a number of bundled applications
  5. The SHAME formlets

The bundled applications are:

  • MEditor - Stands for Metadata Editor and is a stand alone application from where you can edit metadata around a resource in a file according to the annotation profile of your choice.
  • Formulator - Is an application for administering and creating formlets / annotation profiles. The goal with this application is to minimize the need to write the SHAME configurations by hand as was described for instance in the Metadata Editor example.
  • SHAME consumer - This is an application where users can narrow their search on Edutella via template queries. Both the query and the results are displayed via SHAME.
  • SHAME examples - These are a set of small applications that are well commented and used in the tutorial for examplifying how to use the SHAME API.

Download alternative 2 - SHAME library

This is simply all the classes in SHAME. If you want to use SHAME in your application you should be aware of its dependencies, see above.

Download alternative 3 - SHAME formlets

This is a zip-file containing a set of prebuilt formlets / annotation profile for a range of existing standards.

Download alternative 4 - Speed

Speed is a web application based on velocity (see the online demo). To install it on your own server, just drop the war file in the webapps catalouge of a tomcat4 installation (have not tested with tomcat5 yet). You might need to change the policy to allow write access to the logfile, e.g.:

  grant codeBase "file:${catalina.home}/webapps/Speed/WEB-INF/classes/-" {
grant codeBase "file:${catalina.home}/webapps/Speed/WEB-INF/lib/-" {

In some situations there seem to be a conflict with the commons-login.jar, if so, just remove the file


Download alternative 5 - JSP test web application

This alternative is currently not working from the CVS, it is only available as a an old file-release. It might be fixed if someone claims it is a priority.